Retail park photography

Drive investor confidence and strengthen fund performance with a compelling photography.

A visually strong portfolio helps you increase investors’ confidence and attract new ones. Get appealing imagery for your brand materials and acquire lucrative tenants. In retail park photography, I draw on my experience shooting architecture and advertising, striving for unconventional representations of less visually appealing environments utilizing workflow of high-end architecture.

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Determining an accurate quote requires a detailed initial brief outlining all relevant factors. It is essential to indicate the estimated number of retail park photos, whether or not you want to include photographs at dawn or dusk to add a specific atmosphere and the intended usage of the set. If there is an overall timeline for the project, add it as well.

Before the shooting

Much like architectural photography, retail park photography requires careful planning and reserves in case of bad weather. Thus, the schedule is subject to optimal weather and good lighting conditions, often meaning visiting the site repeatedly. I work with pre-calculated sun positions relative to specific building facades to deliver the most visibly appealing photos. Also, be sure to notify the security of the object in advance.

Composing the shot

Within the photographs, I work with supportive motion blurred objects that provide the dynamic aspect to the image but, at the same time, do not distract the viewer’s attention from the main subject. I create the photographs using specialized optics and a set of filters combined with a compositing process, which allows me to get multiple elements in the frame at once and create the illusion of a busy place full of life.

A dusk shot of an entrance to an H&M store in the MALL Trnava, Slovakia, captures the building with a passing car blurred by the motion in the foreground.
Moving car in front of C&A during the dusk, The MALL Trnava
Detail of the wave-shaped metal roof structure over the entrance arcade of the Trnava MALL retail center in Slovakia.
Detail of the roof construction, The MALL Trnava
Hero image of the entrance to the newly built Kaufland store in Písek retail center captured in the golden hour, with a car, blurred in motion, passing by.
Entrance, Kaufland Písek
Hero shot of the Kaufland store in České Budějovice, Czech Republic, showing the building captured in the backlight, with a car blurred in motion in the foreground.
Hero shot, Kaufland České Budějovice
Hero photography of the Retail park in Mladá Boleslav contains an overview of the whole area with a car and people blurred in motion in the foreground.
Areal hero shot, Retail park Mladá Boleslav
A man, blurred by the motion in the picture, is walking toward the ASKO furniture store entrance in the commercial area of Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic near a pedestrian crossing. The greenery frames the top of the image.
ASKO, Retail park Mladá Boleslav
At dusk, I photographed Tabor's retail center Totem Signage, with a flock of birds passing by in motion blur.
totem, Retail park Tábor
An example of a retail park photographed at dusk, featuring a commercial space in Tabor.
Dusk shot, Retail park Tábor
Hero photo of the Norma shopping store in Pobořany, Czech Republic, with a pensioner with a shopping trolley blurred in motion in the foreground.
Hero shot, Norma Podbořany
Image of Norma shopping store in Pobořany, Czech Republic, captured through the blurred greenery.
department store captured through blurry foreground, Norma Podbořany
The daylight vertical photo of the Retail Park in Choceň captured through the greenery in the foreground with blurred people approaching the stores of Okay and KiK.
The view over the park through the greenery, Retail park Choceň
Close-up to a woman blurred in motion walking out from the KiK store in OC Solivaria in Prešov, Slovakia, captured with greenery in the lower part of the frame.
KiK, OC Solivaria Prešov
Daylight vertical photo showcasing the totem signage in front of Tabor retail center with a cyclist passing below it.
totem, Retail park Tábor
Image of the entrance to Penny Market captured during the blue hour with a blurred car passing by in the foreground, located in commercial space in Choceň.
Entrance to Penny store during the dusk, Retail park Choceň
The overlook of the illuminated shopping area in Choceň, Czech Republic, captured during dusk, shows the stores, empty parking lot, and public lights off.
Park overview during the dusk, Retail park Choceň
Daylight photography of the freshly built second part of the retail park in Trnava, Slovakia, capturing mainly the BILLA store and people blurred in motion.
Phase two of reconstruction, The MALL Trnava
Photography of the retail center in Milevsko focuses on the entrance to the DM store, framed by moving people and cars in motion from the left and right.
Entrance to dm in contrast with motion, Retail park Milevsko
Photo of a retail park in Senica, Slovakia, captured from a lower perspective, containing traffic arrows on the road pointing to a blurry cyclist riding in front of CCC and TEDi stores.
CCC and TEDi, Retail park Senica
A daylight overview photo of Retail Park Severka in Liberec captured across the street with cars passing by, blurred in motion, containing the Mountfield, Planeo Elektro, and AAA auto stores.
Hero shot of the areal, Severka Liberec

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