Hotel photography

Potential guests scrolling through hundreds of listings, your hotel will stand out with my visuals.

The ultimate goal is always to deliver flawless frames that help you stand above the competition and entice more guests. Such photos increase click-through rate and help you to lower advertising costs and get more bookings. Whether you are a major hotel chain or a local boutique hotel, I am ready to meet your objectives and elevate your hotel photography.

Assignment specification

To receive a quote for hotel photography, specify the number of photos needed for different areas of the hotel and the overall timeframe of the project. Outlining special requirements in an opening brief will also ensure you get the desired results. The final product will also comply with brand guidelines if you are part of a major hotel chain.

Before the shooting

Meticulous planning is the foundation of successful hotel photography. Before the actual shoot, it is essential to carefully review the plan and allocate the required suites and venues to ensure the guest experience remains uninterrupted. Thoroughly prepare the photographed suites, with particular attention given to the bed. Fluffed comforters and properly plump pillows are essential. It is also vital to ensure that all floors, windows, and other reflective surfaces are polished and that all lighting sources function correctly.

Working with the concept

When shooting I always respect and build on the specific visual style of the hotel brand, however, I can also come up with my own concept and attractive presentation. Current trend in hotel photography shifts more and more to visual and more authentic storytelling and that is exactly what I am aiming for in my images. Working with a concept for me means the interaction of design elements and people with the environment. I tend to use motion-blurred objects that bring life to the photographs, but not at the expense of themselves. The incorporation of conceptual imagery is of course not obligatory.

A semi-open door provides a glimpse of the set tables in the cozy and elegant restaurant of Radisson Blu Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, reflecting its hospitality. The restaurant is adorned with blue-bronze colors.
The Entrance to a smaller restaurant, Radisson Blu
A photograph of the main restaurant at Radisson Blu hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. The restaurant features an elegant and minimalistic design, with light whitish colors complemented by striking gold accessories and ceiling decorations.
Main restaurant, Radisson Blu
Hero photography of deluxe comfort suite of numa Laurel in Prague, Czech Republic, featuring a royal bed and large window.
Hero photo of Deluxe comfort suite, numa Laurel
A luxurious king-size bed and a small table with cut glasses are visible through a minimalist, golden-bordered mirror in the Deluxe Comfort Suite at Numa Laurel in Prague, Czech Republic.
Deluxe comfort mirror detail, numa Laurel
Located in a former theater, Mosaic House, a design hotel café features high ceilings, comfortable brownish sofas and carpets, artistic lighting, and many design accessories.
Café, Mosaic House
A frontal photo of the bookshelf wall in the lobby of Mosaic House in Prague, Czech Republic, consists of artistic lights in the form of mushrooms, flowers, books, and a blurred woman working at her laptop.
Lobby bookshelf wall, Mosaic House
The frontal photo captures the minimalistic Radisson Blu Prague (Czech Republic) reception with high ceilings, golden wall decorations, and blurred guests in front of it.
Reception, Radisson Blu
A hospitality photo of the elegant grey-toned hotel bar and orange bar chairs in Radisson Blu Prague, Czech Republic
Bar, Radisson Blu
A motion-blurred waitress passes by in the foreground of a blue-colored hotel bar wall filled with horizontally placed wine bottles in Botanique Prague.
Bar wall coupled with moving waitress , Botanique
The photo captures the night and cozy atmosphere of the private spa, a large whirlpool, candles, and champagne at the Mosaic House Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.
Private spa, Mosaic House
Conceptual photography of the lobby with a reception in Mosaic House in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases a few elements blurred in motion, like a porter carrying suitcases and guests passing by, contrary to a stable reception.
Reception, Mosaic House
The newly renovated lobby and reception area of MOODs Boutique Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, has polygonal wall panels.
Reception, MOODs
Photography capturing the bed preparation by the hand of the housekeeping service blurred in motion in Hotel Botanique in Prague, Czech Republic.
Room prep lifestyle, Botanique
Hospitality photo of a Premium King Suite with a balcony at Botanique in Prague, Czech Republic, featuring a blurred businessman guest.
Premium king with balcony, Botanique
Photo of Meeting room Stylish in Radisson Blu Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. The room has a big table in the center with six chairs from each site, artwork on the wall, and a comfortable armchair with a lamp in the corner.
Meeting room Stylish, Radisson Blu
An example of a concept in hospitality photography is a flying woman blurred in motion, who appears to be jumping on a sofa in the Junior suite in Radisson Blu Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.
Junior suite concept, Radisson Blu
The photo captures a frontal view of the Junior suite, focusing mainly on a king-sized bed and hanging lamps above bedside tables in the Radisson Blu in Prague, Czech Republic.
Junior suite bed hero, Radisson Blu
Interior photo of Winter Garden Restaurant at Hotel MOODs boutique in Prague, Czech Republic.
Winter garden restaurant, MOODs

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