Interior photography

Sell the feeling, not just the space. Captivating interior photography that fuels the sales growth.

Interior photography should highlight the function and design of the space and ignite a desire to explore it. I am striving to evoke such emotions in an eye-pleasing and creative way. The way that helps you boost sales effectiveness, whether you are aiming to attract lucrative tenants or buyers, reel in guests, or showcase your work. Besides the most prominent elements, I also capture the less noticeable details, materials, furnishings, and decorations.


To achieve your absolute satisfaction, it is necessary to properly formulate the initial assignment and specify any particular needs and requirements. Hence the final form of the photographs will vary accordingly. Pictures of the same space will look different for a design studio looking to highlight specific design elements versus a tenant who may be looking to portray the overall space. Generally, it is necessary to mention the estimated number of photographs, their intended usage, and the eventual deadline.

Before the shooting

Before the shooting, the interior must be in the best possible condition. Clean the photographed space properly. Ensure that all floors, windows, and other reflective surfaces are polished, and check the functionality of all lighting sources. Last, inform the facility manager or security in advance and notify me about possible restrictions (cameras, artwork display, and similar). Ideally, free up the capacity of the maintenance person to be available for the duration of the shoot. I will help you with staging and eliminating distractions on-site.

Weather conditions

Interior photography can take place on sunny and overcast days; however, each interior suits different lighting conditions. Please be aware of the possibility of rescheduling and the extra time this may involve if there are deadlines.

Wide interior photography of restaurant Červený Jelen in Prague, Czech Republic, situated in the hall of the former bank with an arched glass roof and staircase to the lower floors, where the vaults used to be.
Restaurant in the former bank hall, Červený jelen
A vertical interior photograph of the underground floors of Červený Jelen restaurant located in Prague, Czech Republic, shows a cross-section view of the floors and the overall height of the space. Additionally, it showcases the tallest beer tank tower in the world.
The world's largest beer tank tower, Červený jelen
Futuristic white entrance hallway with a unique diagonal lighting design leading to in Prague, Czech Republic. A blurred figure can be seen approaching through the corridor.
Entrance coridor,
Atrium lookup, UniCredit Bank
A top-view photograph of a rectangular interior spiral staircase in a contrasting black and white color scheme combined with visual concrete also showcases a woman blurred in motion descending downwards.
Staircase with a woman to demonstrate the scale,
Design a corridor with stairs in the private offices of Astra Palace on Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic.
Offices entrance, Palace Astra
A view showcases a modern and elegant interior in front of the Education First offices in the Euro Palace in Prague (Czech Republic) on Wenceslas Square.
Offices, Education First
A pink-tinted office kitchen with a table and chairs on thin black legs is illuminated by designed lights hanging from tangled cables at L'Oréal in Palace Křižík located in Prague, Czech Republic.
Office kitchen, L'Oréal
Photo of a side entrance reception of the UniCredit Bank Banking house on Náměstí Republiky in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases a metal reception desk, parallel wooden panels on the wall and ceiling, and a passing figure blurred by movement.
Reception, Banking house
Photo of a small open meeting space in the L'Oréal offices at Křižík Palace in Anděl, Prague, Czech Republic.
Offices, L'Oréal
The wide-angle interior photograph showcases a central square with a bar between private lounges in the Červený Jelen restaurant in the Špork Palace in Prague, Czech Republic, in a combination of wood and stone decor.
Private lounges, Červený jelen
Photograph of a symmetrical space, interior of an Art Nouveau cocktail bar - Crazy Daisy in Prague, Czech Republic, decorated in red-orange colors.
The first Republic cocktail bar, Crazy Daisy
Here is a photograph of the spacious, minimalist, modern atrium inside the Křižík Palace in Prague, Czech Republic. The interior, created by AHK Architects, is entirely white and adorned with plants hanging from the ceiling.
Main atrium horizontal, Palace Křižík
A portrait oriented photograph of the white interior atrium with a glass roof at Křižík Palace in Anděl, Prague, Czech Republic shows its height and work with hanging greenery. The atrium was designed by AHK Architects.
Main atrium vertical, Palace Křižík
Detail of the white wall-mounted acoustic design panels in the Doosan Bobcat conference room positioned to wave shape combined with red chairs in Dobris, Czech Republic.
Conference room acoustic panels coupled with red chairs, Doosan Bobcat
Interior photography of the lobby and reception area of Doosan Bobcat in Dobris, Czech Republic, focusing on the acoustic ceiling panels with a glazed second floor.
The reception lobby primarily focused on ceiling acoustic panels, Doosan Bobcat
A man blurred by motion is climbing the stairs in a green-cream toned interior of Raiffeisenbank at Palace Astra on Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic.
Stairs, Raiffeisenbank
Raiffeisenbank's offices at Palace Astra on Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic, feature a green and cream-toned secession interior with a fireplace.
Fireplace significantly placed into the interior, Raiffeisenbank
The stairs in a green-cream-toned secession interior of Raiffeisenbank at Palace Astra on Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic, captured from an angle to see both floor levels.
Stairs, Raiffeisenbank
Photo of the newly renovated interior lobby and reception area of the International Business Centre (IBC) in Prague, Czech Republic, focuses on a high ceiling covered with designer acoustic panels in a tavern of ice floes.
Lobby with reception, International Business Center
The meeting room of the Denton law office is located in the historic palace Špork in Prague, Czech Republic. The interior is adorned with wooden decor and has a high ceiling.
Meeting room, Dentons
The Interior of Pandora jewelry store at Prague Wenceslas Square, together with shopkeepers walking through the store, blurred in motion.
Retail store, Pandora
A wide angle photo showcases the interior of Pandora's jewelry store at Prague Wenceslas Square.
Retail store, Pandora

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