View of the modern minaret towers framed by the oval roof of the HBKU Minaretein building in Education City, Doha(Qatar), reflected in the marble floor. A group of worshippers, blurred by movement, are just exiting the mosque.

HBKU Minaretein

Architectural photography

The HBKU (Hamad Bin Khalifa University) Minaretein Building is located in Education City, Doha’s district Al Rayyan in Qatar and is a home for the College of Islamic Studies faculty. As such, it contains the Mosque and majestic minaret towers towering in the sky. The structure rests on five large columns representing the five pillars of Islam, each featuring a verse drawn from the Quran. To develop a place’s undisputed ethereal appearance, I chose to work with a more high-key look and simplify the architecture into individual shapes.

Architect: Taha al-Hiti

Location: Doha, Qatar

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