Located in a former theater, Mosaic House, a design hotel café features high ceilings, comfortable brownish sofas and carpets, artistic lighting, and many design accessories.

Mosaic House​

Hotel photography

Mosaic House was built in 1935 in a groundbreaking functionalist style. Since then, it has had a turbulent history. It is now a hotel of the future – a sophistically designed full of the finest amenities and primarily a warm and cozy place. The task was to fill their exceptional interiors with motion and to capture their meeting room and spa.

Client: Mosaic House​

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Conceptual photography of the lobby with a reception in Mosaic House in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases a few elements blurred in motion, like a porter carrying suitcases and guests passing by, contrary to a stable reception.
A frontal photo of the bookshelf wall in the lobby of Mosaic House in Prague, Czech Republic, consists of artistic lights in the form of mushrooms, flowers, books, and a blurred woman working at her laptop.
The photo captures the night and cozy atmosphere of the private spa, a large whirlpool, candles, and champagne at the Mosaic House Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

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