Hero photo of the modern National Museum of Qatar in Doha reflected in the water surface in front of the building captured during the dusk.

National Museum

Architectural photography

The iconic National Museum in Doha, dedicated to the history of Qatar, was built in 2019. Its architecture symbolically evokes the desert, its silent and eternal dimension, and the spirit of modernity and daring that have come along and shaken up what seemed unshakable, taking inspiration from the desert roses (clusters of gypsum or barite crystals).

Architect: Jean Nouvel

Location: Doha, Qatar

Minimalistic wide-angle architectural photography captures the National Museum of Qatar courtyard view in Doha, a building by Jean Nouvel captured at the turn of blue hour and night.
The flying flag of Qatar blurred in motion by the extended exposure in front of the National Museum building in Doha captured in the night.
twilight photo of National Museum in Doha
A detailed abstract photograph showcases the structures of the modern Qatar National Museum building in Doha captured in daylight.
Two figures blurred in motion walk in front of the enormous modern building of the Qatar National Museum in Doha.

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