Palace Křižík

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The foundation of Palác Křižík is a set of historic buildings between Radlická, Plzeňská, and Kováků streets and currently serves as a modern office complex. These buildings underwent total reconstruction from 2004 to 2006, and a modern extension of seven above-ground and four underground floors was carried out, including transforming the courtyard into a covered glass atrium. My task was to create a series of 20 photographs covering both the exterior (wide shots of individual facades and details) and examples of the interior (atrium and other shared areas, L’oréal offices, and premises).

Client: Generali Real Estate

Agency: Urban Jungle

Architect: AHK architekti (reconstruction)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
A top-view photograph of a rectangular interior spiral staircase in a contrasting black and white color scheme combined with visual concrete also showcases a woman blurred in motion descending downwards.
Futuristic white entrance hallway with a unique diagonal lighting design leading to in Prague, Czech Republic. A blurred figure can be seen approaching through the corridor.
Here is a photograph of the spacious, minimalist, modern atrium inside the Křižík Palace in Prague, Czech Republic. The interior, created by AHK Architects, is entirely white and adorned with plants hanging from the ceiling.
A portrait oriented photograph of the white interior atrium with a glass roof at Křižík Palace in Anděl, Prague, Czech Republic shows its height and work with hanging greenery. The atrium was designed by AHK Architects.
A pink-tinted office kitchen with a table and chairs on thin black legs is illuminated by designed lights hanging from tangled cables at L'Oréal in Palace Křižík located in Prague, Czech Republic.
Photo of a small open meeting space in the L'Oréal offices at Křižík Palace in Anděl, Prague, Czech Republic.

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