Palace Špork

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Špork Palace is a complex of three buildings located between V Celnici and Hybernská streets. Originally a classical building from the late 18th century. It was radically rebuilt in the 1920s by architect Josef Gočár, and in 2017, it was modified according to the current architectural concept by Stanislav Fiala, whose main aim was to deal with the different heights of the surrounding houses and to connect the Baroque palace and the new building. My task was to create a series of 20 photographs, a showcase of both the signature parts of the complex and selected interiors (Červený Jelen and Sia restaurants, the meeting rooms of the Dentons law firm, etc.).

Client: Generali Real Estate

Agency: Urban Jungle

Architect: Ignác Jan Nepomuk Palliardi (1790),  Josef Gočár (1st rebuilding), Stanislav Fiala (2nd rebuilding – current)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Špork Palace with modern extension captured during the blue hour from V Celnici Street in Prague, in a vertical photo.
Frontal-oriented, vertical golden hour architecture photography of Špork Palace in Prague captured from V Celnici Street.
A view from the courtyard of the Špork Palace in Prague looks up at a flying red stag sculpture hanging in the center of the composition.
Wide interior photography of restaurant Červený Jelen in Prague, Czech Republic, situated in the hall of the former bank with an arched glass roof and staircase to the lower floors, where the vaults used to be.
A vertical interior photograph of the underground floors of Červený Jelen restaurant located in Prague, Czech Republic, shows a cross-section view of the floors and the overall height of the space. Additionally, it showcases the tallest beer tank tower in the world.
The wide-angle interior photograph showcases a central square with a bar between private lounges in the Červený Jelen restaurant in the Špork Palace in Prague, Czech Republic, in a combination of wood and stone decor.
The meeting room of the Denton law office is located in the historic palace Špork in Prague, Czech Republic. The interior is adorned with wooden decor and has a high ceiling.

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